Su-35S for Russian Knights

Today we saw for first time new photos of new Su-35S in colors of Russian Knights. Just to remind you guys, there will be four aircraft delivered to aerobatic group Russian Knights on 13.11.2019 at Kubinka airfield.




The “Russian Knights” aerobatic team will soon be handed over four new Su-35S aircraft built at Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu. A. Gagarin (KnAAZ).

Denis Yarovoy, a young but experienced KnAAZ test pilot, was entrusted with raising the first of four machines specially painted for the Russian Knights for a test flight. The test flight program was designed for an hour and included testing all aircraft systems in different modes, including those used in the program of demonstration performances of aerobatic teams.

After landing, the pilot reported that there were no comments, the program was fully implemented. “We will be happy to pass this car to our friends from the Russian Knights,” said Denis Yarovoy. – To be the first to fly an airplane intended for the Russian Knights is very cool. I have a classmate in this aerobatic team. When I transfer the plane, I will definitely say that it has already flown around it – the car is reliable.

All combat winged vehicles are equipped as standard. “Russian Knights” always emphasize that they show the wonders of aerobatics using conventional military vehicles. “They always say that if an order arrives, they only have to hang up their weapons – and the group is ready to carry out any combat mission,” says Mikhail Chipizubov, head of the KNAAZ flight test station. “During their existence, the Russian Knights flew on the Su-27 , Su-30. The time has come for our Su-35. ”

The main difference between the machines of the Russian Knights aerobatic team from combatant fighters is the company colors in the colors of the national flag of Russia: white, blue and red. For specialists coating shop KnAAZ them. Yu. A. Gagarin, the implementation of such an unusual order has become a real professional challenge. “Firstly, glossy enamel is used, which is not quite customary for us,” explains OGMT process engineer Irina Bochkareva. “Secondly, a lot of information is placed on board. Each template, and they are very small, must be glued and applied with paint , wait for drying, stick the next one, and so it repeats up to 12 times (according to the number of colors). In some cases, you have to do everything manually with a brush. Thirdly, you need to apply many lines to curved surfaces, which requires the use of laser marking. ”

“It takes 12 days to paint one aircraft in the colors of the Knights of Russia. Workers at the aircraft building coatings workshop admit that the first aircraft was the most difficult for them.
“These planes are a mystery until the last moment.” Only on the last day we were able to look at the result of our labors, ”explains the head of the site Irina Senina. – When everything is already done, remove the protective coating – and here it is, handsome. ”

The transfer of new aircraft to pilots of the Russian Knights aerobatic team will take place in early November.


Fan Facebook page of Russian Knights


Video Russian Knights Su-35S

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