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Su-30MK2 Uganda Air Force


In April 2010, Russian state arms export agency Rosoboronexport signed a preliminary agreement with Uganda for six Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter jets. But protracted negotiations, particularly over price, meant that a deal worth a reported US$740 million was only signed in May 2011. The first two aircraft were delivered in July 2011, followed by another two in October 2011. On 30 May 2012 the final two Su-30MKs were delivered.

Uganda People’s Defence Air Force (UPDAF) operates a small fleet of Su-30MK2 aircraft.

Uganda was in talks with Russian state arms export company Rosoboronexport over an option purchase of six more Sukhoi Su-30 multirole fighter jets, the company’s Deputy Director Alexander Mikheyev said on 21 September 2012 at an arms exhibition in South Africa.


Uganda signed its first contract to buy six Su-30MK2 fighters in 2011, he said. “Now, we are talking about an option, the Ugandans expressed interest in buying another six aircraft of this type,” he said.

The aircrafts, based at Entebbe, can carry air-to-air missiles as well as various general purpose bombs for air-to-surface missions. The six Su-30MK2 are believed to have conducted missions against Al Qaeda targets in Somalia, to provide support for UPDF acting under the Africa Union/UN mission (AMISOM), and  have reportedly launched airstrikes against opposition forces in South Sudan.

Su-30MK2 Uganda Air Force bort numbers : AF 011, AF 015, AF 019, AF 023, AF 027, AF 031