Indonesian Air Force

Indonesian Air Force

In 1997 Indonesia wants to buy 12 x Su-30 and Mi-17 helicopters, instead of Lockheed F-16, but due to lack of money that plans was never realised. In 1998 KnAAPO even prepared a demonstrator for Indonesia called Su-30KI from Su-27SMK (later become well know from airshows, as Su-27SM / Su-27SMK / Su-27SKM with bort number 305).Su-30 ki 06

Su-27SK №305 (1996), KnAAPO, on its own initiative in 1997-1998 converted according to an embodiment of the Su-30KI (with refueling in the air), p / n 06.28.1998 in the period 1998-1999, was tested in the OKB, but actual orders have been received, after which he was returned back to KnAAPO to the summer of 2003, the embodiment converted Su-27SM (for export to the airshow was indicated as the Su-27SKM) MAKS`03 participant, at the end of the test, in 2007, remodeled the embodiment of the Su-27SKM 04.2011 last seen in flight, 07.2014 seen parked LIiDB Sukhoi in Zhukovsky.


Su-27 skm 55
Su-27SKM bort 305

Today Indonesia Air Force have 2xSu-27SK(TS-2701 and TS-2702), 3xSu-27SKM(TS-2703,TS-2704 and TS-2705), 2XSu-30MK(TS-3001 and TS-3002 some sources tell that these two aircrafts are pure Chinese versions), 9xSu-30MK2(from TS-3003 to TS-3011).

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Future plans : Indonesian Air Force is planing to buy Su-35S.

Indonesia agreed to purchase from Russia the latest Su-35. Jakarta is not only interested in the purchase of aircrafts, but also to build on its territory, the service centers with subsequent transfer of construction technologies. Talks between Indonesia and Russia on the supply of new fighter aircraft “Sukhoi” were held for 15 years. Representatives Jakarta chose between machines Su-35 production plant in Komsomolsk-on-Amur and Su-30MKI fighters, which are built in Irkutsk. In the end, the choice was made in favor of the Su-35, because such aircraft have equipment designed for fifth-generation fighter.


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