Su-27 and Su-30SM Kazakhstan Air Force

Su-27 Kazakhstan Air Force


At the time of the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the 24th Fighter-Bomber Aviation Division with three aviation regiments and three separate regiments was stationed in Kazakhstan. By late 1993 the Kazakhstan Air Force comprised a total of six regiments, with a further air defence fighter regiment.

Su-27 Kazahstan 04

Kazakhstan recive Su-27 and Su-27UB from Russia in 1999, as compensation for the return of Tu-95 bombers.




Su-27ub 1014 Kazakhstan

In 2009 Belarusian РУВП 558-ы авіяцыйны рамонтны завод (558th Air Repair Plant) in Баранавічы (Baranovichi) won a tender for upgrade ten of the kazakh Sukhois. December 2009: first two modernised aircraft are Su-27UB #50 and Su-27 #05 with satellite navigation systems and expanded weaponry, delivered to Талдықорған (Taldykorgan).

Upgrade was completed in June 2010. Su-27 were modernized to Su-27M2 standard and Su-27UB to Su-27UBM2.


The Kazakhstan Air Force has received four Sukhoi Su-30SM Flanker C fighter aircraft from Irkut Corporation, a part of the Sukhoi Group.

Su-30SM 23
Su-30SM Kazakhstan Air Force

The new twin-engine multifunctional two-seat fighters were handed over at Taldykorgan air base in southern Kazakhstan. A maximum speed of 1,320 miles per hour can be achieved by the Su-30SM, meanwhile it has a ceiling of 56,800ft and a range of 1,620 miles. It is built to order at JSC Corporation Irkut. Kazakhstan Air Defense Force commander in chief AF RK Air Force Major General Nurlan Ormanbetov said: “Today, Aviation Park armed forces of Kazakhstan has received modern fighter Su-30SM. This shows an increase combat power of the air force of Kazakhstan, increasing the combat potential.

Su-30SM 05

In addition, the technical capabilities of the aircraft will achieve a high level of aircrew training. Su-30SM significantly increases the protection of air borders of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A team of flight crews and technical staff of the Kazakhstan Air Force were trained on the multifunction capabilities of Su-30SM at the Irkutsk Aviation Plant. The Su-30SM is a multi-role fighter jet that features an enhanced radar system, a radio, and friend-or-foe systems as well as two ejection seats and modified weaponry configuration.

Video : Sukhoi Su-30SM Kazakhstan Air Force



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